Words A La Carte

The menu below serves only as a guideline for pricing since every project is different.


Writing  and Related Services

Marketing content / $2.00 per word ($100 minimum)

Tag lines, single line ad copy / $100-$500

Product naming / $100-$500 per product

Catalog copywriting / $100 per item

Editing with minor rewrites of existing copy / $80 per hour

Major rewriting of existing material / $125 per hour

Business Scripts (e.g. training video, social media video, etc) / $300 per run minute

Radio/TV commercial scripts / $500 per run minute

Product film/video scripts / $500 per run min

Press release / $300-$500 per release

Company backgrounder / $2.00 per word

Executive biographies / $2.00 per word

Press kit / $3000-$5000 per kit

Speech writing / $75 per speech minute

Framing strategic plan from completed source material / $1500-$3000 per plan

Annual reports / $150 per hour

Original research / $75 per hour

Fact checking / $35 per hour

Communications and brand consulting /  $1000 per day

Branding brief / $2.00 per word (includes one graphic per page)

Social media content / $200 a week for up to 200 words (not including graphics)

Proposal writing / $130 per hour

White Paper / $130 per hour

Articles and blog posts / $1 per word

Full brand audit (Brand Voice. Brand Story. Brand Strategy) / $5000-$15,000

Looking for Brand Consulting? Visit Fresh Ground Consulting.

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